Rupleen Kaur

MD/PhD Student | Case Western Reserve University


Rupleen Kaur is a fourth-year MD/PhD student at the Case Western School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from the University of California-Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Genetics and Genomics. After graduating, she did neuromuscular and computational cancer genomics research at the National Institutes of Health as a postbac fellow. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics in Dr. Andrew Dhawan and Jacob Scott's Lab at the Cleveland Clinic.


2020-Present               Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
MSTP (MD/PhD) Student – G2
2014-2016                    University of California - Davis
Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Genomics

Research Experience

  • July 2023-Present               Graduate Student, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Institute               Andrew Dhawan, MD, DPhil
  • May 2022-June 2023          Graduate Student, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Institute                Ruth Keri, PhD             
  • June-August 2021                Rotation Student, Case Western Reserve University               Peter Scacheri, PhD
  • August 2020-May 2021       Rotation Student, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Institute                 Jacob Scott, MD, DPhil       
  • June 2019-June 2020           NIH Post Baccalaureate Intramural Trainee                                Laura Elnitski, PhD          
  • June 2017-June 2019          NIH Post Baccalaureate Intramural Trainee                                Carsten Bonnemann, MD
  • August 2015-May 2017        Undergraduate Research Intern                                                   Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, PhD
  • January-September 2015    Undergraduate Research Intern                                                   Andrea Schreier, PhD 


Rupleen Kaur

Cancer Biology

Cleveland Clinic Lerner Institute


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